Local June 16, 2012 | 7:32 am

Legal authorities to investigate Salcedo unrest

Santo Domingo.- Attorney General Radhamés Jiménez Peña has ordered an investigationinto the violence that has affected the municipality of Salcedo, HermanasMirabal province over the past few days.

The assistant attorneygeneral of the National District Court of Appeal assigned to the Legal BranchNational Persecution Directorate, Francisco Polanco, will be in charge of theinvestigation. Magistrate Jiménez instructed him to travel to the affectedarea.

Magistrate Polanco will workwith the provincial attorney for Duarte, Amado José Rosa, and the prosecutor forHermanas Mirabal, Viterbo Cabral, as well as with National Police investigators.

The recent unrest in Salcedohas claimed four lives: Ricardo Hernández Guzmán, Rafael Antonio Cáceres, JonathanPaulino and Dilenia Quezada Ulloa, who was pregnant. Twenty-two people havebeen injured and ten are under arrest. Relatives are blaming the killings onthe police.

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