Local June 18, 2012 | 12:22 pm

Most readers prefer new leadership in the opposition party

Santo Domingo.- From the Superior Electoral Tribunal’s ruling on Saturday reversing the expulsions in the opposition PRD party, the showdown for its control now promises to be a protracted struggle, pitting the supporters of the organization’s president Miguel Vargas, and those of the ex candidate Hipolito Mejia.

DT’s weekly poll found that nearly 68% of the readers who took part prefer that neither Vargas nor Mejia head the PRD, whose loss in the May 20 elections is blamed on both of them.

When DT readers were asked “Who should lead the opposition PRD party?,” the response, “Don’t know, but none of those two” drew 931 votes, or 39.48%, followed by “Someone else, but from the PRD” drew 672 votes, or 28.50%.

The option “Hipolito Mejia, definitely” drew 380 votes, or 16.12%, followed closely by “Miguel Vargas, no doubt” with 375 votes, or 15.90% of the readers who took part in the unscientific poll.

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