Local June 18, 2012 | 8:30 am

Third biggest party bars traitors

SANTO DOMINGO.- The president of the ruling block party PRSC affirmed Sunday that those who sought to harm late president Joaquin Balaguer’s legacy supporting the losing candidate in the May 20 presidential election "have no place" in the organization.

Carlos Morales said that group acted hypocritically by publicly advocating their own candidate, but ultimately "it was merely a pose to justify their support for the losing candidate and do more harm to the PRSC.

"He said even if the PRSC had decided to submit its own candidate, that group -headed by Altagracia province Amable Aristy- were going to support the PRD candidate anyway, because they had orchestrated a plan to reduce the number of the PRSC’s votes to a minimum. "But they didn’t succeed because the true PRSC members acted with firmness."

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