Local June 19, 2012 | 4:05 pm

Traffic cops on the warpath, issue record tickets

Santo Domingo.- Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) cops have ticketed more than 7,000 motorists in greater Santo Domingo in the last 10 days for running the red light, affirmed its director Jose Sanz Jiminian on Tuesday.

In a statement, Sanz said the record summons come in the heels of fines levied against 350 drivers of heavy vehicles and red light violations last weekend, and 197 more on Monday.

AMET spokesman Jose Jaquez said it’s imperative to stiffen Traffic Law 241 against violators and warned that the vehicles seized will be released only to the registered owners, registration and license in hand, and will have also heard attend a two-hour “awareness” lecture.

The cops fines drivers for using cell phones, not wearing a seat belt, throwing trash on the roads, for crossing the pedestrian markers, no license, uninsured, speeding, among others.

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