Local June 22, 2012 | 11:59 am

Energy chief’s willing to stay on the job, vows to reveal thefts

SANTO DOMINGO. – State-owned power utility (CDEEE) CEO Celso Marranzini said the people who question his performance want his job, which is up to the President elect keep him on or not .

He said the attacks don’t concern him because he has ways to respond and added,"even civil society organizations praised my tenure’s transparency."

Marranzini’s statement comes in the heels of a hearing convened by Senate Energy Commission chairman Tommy Galan, to study the supplementary budget submitted by Escetuvie, on which the beleaguered official will be asked to state why a US$500 million bond should be issued to subsidize the utility.

Marranzini, whose past statements contributed to the firing of his predecessor Radhames Segura, also vowed to reveal “how the money had been stolen in the CDEEE.”

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