Local June 22, 2012 | 12:56 pm

Youth movement makes surprising call for turmoil

Santo Domingo.- A youth movement has for the first time since it first surfaced around one year ago, surprised the country when on Friday urged the opposition PRD party’s ”healthy” members to “take the streets” because president Leonel Fernandez’s “penetration” leaves it with no other choice, because he made that organization “useless.”

La Multitud said the PRD should take to the streets, because at least for now they’ve nothing to look for in the courts or in elections.

It said the PRD’s leaders are also to blame for everything which occurs these days because in its view, has placed distanced with its origin. “The the PRD rank-and-file aren’t guilty of that situation and can recoup its origin in the streets.”

In a news conference in the offices of the Dominican Medical Guild, La Multitud said it’s confident that both the rank and file of the PRD as well as those of the ruling PLD will go to the street spurred by the country’s suffering and hardships, to join the democratic sectors to build a new alternative which Dominicans demand.

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