Local June 25, 2012 | 10:52 am

Truck collision kills 4 on the Duarte highway

BONAO, Dominican Republic.- Four men died when their pickup collided with a truck loaded with chickens 75 kilometers north of the capital on the Duarte highway, in the community Sonador.

Marcos Aurelio Burgos, 29, Almonte Santiago, 42; German Almonte Cepeda, 19 and Ezekiel Vilorio, 30, died when their Nissan Frontier hit a Mack truck from the rear Sunday night, and whose bodies were taken to the morgue of the local hospital.

Some of the relatives of the victims presented to hospital to remove the bodies to be moving them to the capital, where the injured resident.

In a statement the National Police Regional Office said the truck driver was unscathed and is being held for questioning in the Bonao police precinct.

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