Local June 26, 2012 | 8:37 am

Authorities’ crackdown shutters Colonial Zone bars, discos

Santo Domingo.- After visiting dozens of bars and other business that sell and alcoholic beverages, including numerous “drinks,” the National Police warned their owners they’ll face drastic measures if they continue to create havoc among residents, with noise, loud music, cars parked on the sidewalks and lewd behaviour contrary to good customs.

"We’ve issued a warning for this situation to be corrected, otherwise we’ll conductd a second visit to confiscate all those things that tend to disturb public order, such as radios, speakers, chairs and anything which tends to cause unrest" said Police general Neivis Perez.

Interior and Police minister Jose Ramon Fadul yesterday ordered five Colonial Zone bars shuttered for 20 days, for as repeat offenders which violated the law and affecting area residents.

Fadul’s decision came after hearing complaints from representatives of Colonial Zone neighborhood boards, churches and the National District Attorney’s Office and even some bar owners, in a meeting held in his offices.

The closed bars are "Miloka," on "Cacibajagua," both on 1 Sanchez St.; "Le Studio Loungue" and "Mojiganga" both the Mercedes, and the disco "Encuentro Artesanal," on the Meriño.

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