Local June 28, 2012 | 9:39 am

Once powerful party gives senior leaders the boot, quietly

Santo Domingo.- The PRSC party, which has held office in five terms, Wednesday announced the "resignations" of 264 leaders, though some of them say they haven’t and that no one can remove them from that political organization.

The PRSC sent the list of "resignees" to the Central Electoral Board on April 25, on alleged violations to party statutes.

But senior leader Guillermo Caram, who yesterday learned he’s on the list, denied doing so and affirmed that no one can "resign" him out of his party.

The list cited by elcaribe.com.do, yet to be disclosed, is accompanied by a letter signed by party president Carlos Morales, includes "ipso facto resignations" of party members for having supported opposition PRD party candidate Hipólito Mejía in the May 20 elections.

Whether they know it or not, Roberto Feliz, Julian Elias Nolasco and Alfonso Fermín Balcácer, Danny Perdomo, Eddy Alcantara, Ingrid Yera, Amable Aristy, Jose Enrique Sued, Alexis Joaquin Castillo, Sergia Elena Mejia de Seliman, Pedro Breton, Ramon Chahede, Najib Chahede, Manuel de Jesus Amezquita, Vitelio Mejia and George Rodriguez Dabas have been kicked out of the once powerful PRSC.

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