Local July 11, 2012 | 7:42 am

“Pathologically corrupt” official indicted on US$94.8M fraud

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Ministry’s Anti-Corruption Dept. (DPCA) on Tuesday charged ex dams and canal agency (Indrhi) director Hector Rodriguez Pimentel and six other former officials with embezzling US$94.8 million, including funds linked to the construction of the hydroelectric at Monte Grande (south).

In the indictment filed before National District Instruction Courts Coordinator Judge Rosalba Garib also figure Priam Mendez Cuesta, Manuel de la Cruz Martinez, Jose Antonio Perez, Fior D’Aliza Ares Salazar, Victor Hugo Batista and Teodoro Ruiz Linares.

DPCA director Hotoniel Bonilla motioned the court to receive the evidence and schedule a hearing to arraign the group on charges of corruption, embezzlement, bribery, conspiracy and aggravated fraud.

The DPCA, whose prosecutors on Monday requested more time to gather evidence, has completed at least 26 investigations into "relevant" criminal activities since 2005, according to the official.

Bonilla has described Rodriguez Pimentel as a “pathologically corrupt” official, who was designated as the result of a political alliance with the minority opposition PRSC party during the 2008 presidential election.

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