Local July 12, 2012 | 3:10 pm

Environment wants to nab poachers for hunting deer, boar

Santo Domingo.- Environment Ministry officials in Hato Mayor investigate the hunting of deer which date to 1958 when they’re imported for release by dictator Rafael Trujillo, as well as wild boars which date back to at least the Spanish conquest.

The deer have been sighted in the forests of Los Llanos, El Puerto, Palmarejo, El Prieto and Arroyón, in Los Haitises National Park’s buffer zone.

Livio Laureano Environment Ministry director in Hato Mayor, said an investigation aims to detain the poachers who slaughter the mammals in the forests and mountains of Los Haitises and sugar cane fields of San Jose de los Llanos and Bayaguana.

Farmer in the towns of Castellanos and Capote, over 30 kilometers west of Hato Mayor say there are many deer and have contacted the authorities to help stop the slaughter of the animals by hunters from the cities of Hato Mayor and Monte Plata.

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