Local July 12, 2012 | 4:17 pm

Three Santiago judges face the Council’s swift gavel

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Judicial Branch Council (CPJ) will hold a disciplinary hearing Friday against three Santiago judges accused of misconduct on the bench.

The JCP has been firing judges at a breathtaking pace since the start of the year, when the new Supreme Court justices were inducted, the case of San Cristobal Sentencing judge Francisco Mejia Angomas standing out.

Justice of the Peace in Santiago, Rosa Luisa Garcia Polanco, Coordinator judge Gabriel Marchena and province instruction judge Agueda del Carmen Garcia face disciplinary measures.

The CPJ accuses Garcia Polanco of handing down, without a hearing, 7 bench resolutions refusing to incarcerate or issue high bond for cases of drugs, fraud, weapons and homicide.

Marchena meanwhile, is accused by the Movement Life without Violence, coordinated by Susi Pola, of releasing a man accused of stabbing his wife in the heart to death in the presence of his three children. The CPJ says he acted irresponsibly and inconsistency disregarding the seriousness of the facts.

Garcia is accused of appointing private attorneys "of her preference" to weigh issuing bonds or ruling incarceration and other measures, in which a Public Defender had already been assigned.

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