Local July 14, 2012 | 11:32 am

Medina warns he’ll not be pressed on Cabinet posts

Santo Domingo.- President elect Danilo Medina yesterday said he’ll announce his new Cabinet on August 16, after his inaugural ceremony in both houses of Congress, but noted that the country has “many heads and a few hats."

Medina, who returned to the country after a tour of several South American countries, also noted that he has neither received nor accepts pressure from anyone, reference to people who seek posts in his incoming administration.

He said it’s a ruling PLD party tradition to announce the formation of the cabinet after the president elect takes the oath. "After taking the oath in Congress we will go to the National Palace where we’ll announce at least the top ministers and government officials."

"People are relying on me, on the decision I have to take, and you know that this is a country with many heads and few hats," Medina said at Las Americas Airport, where he was met by the deputy Nelson Guillen, and senior aides Ruben Bichara, Carlos Cota Lama, and other party leaders.

Fruitful trip

Medina called his 8-day trip to Colombia and Brazil very fruitful and said he’ll announce the agreements reached with both presidents precisely on August 16, adding that they are extremely important for the country. "As you know, I have a series of campaign commitments ranging from expansion of education, welfare, the case of energy, public safety and other projects which involve funds to implement."

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