Local July 16, 2012 | 9:24 am

Police use license plate detectors for airport patrols

Santo Domingo.- Police vehicles with automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) started 24-7 patrols on the busy Las Americas highway, covering a span from the international airport to greater Santo Domingo , to thwart assaults against travelers.

Police chief Jose Polanco ordered the measure after constant complaints that travelers were robbed of all types of belongings, including Jose Perez Matos, who travels frequently to the U.S. on business. "The situation has been controlled somewhat, one month ago you couldn’t travel, because when you take the vehicle to get to your house you were pursued by criminals who committed assaults upon arrivals."

Police Technology Systems Dept. Commander Julio Cesar Castillo said when the plate is called in, the ALPR immediately notifies if the vehicle has been used in crimes.

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