Local July 16, 2012 | 9:54 am

Push to boycott chicken meat gathers steam

Santo Domingo.- A group of social organizations yesterday announced support for the boycott on chicken meat Tuesday , to pressure producers and intermediaries to slash poultry prices.

The groups also call on consumers to boycott the meat in every remaining Tuesday in July, noting that it should be sold at no more than RD $39 per pound.

Organizations spokesmen Roberto Abreu and Joaquin Luciano asked the government to intervene to protect consumers, to put a stop to what they view as speculation by vendors without control over the meat which Dominicans consume most.

The organizers also rebuked the Poultry Commission’s lobbying in the Chamber of Deputies, noting that it’s an issue which the Consumer Protection Agency should resolve. "Pro-Consumidor has done an excellent job on fixing its position as to what chicken’s price per pound should be."

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