Local July 17, 2012 | 1:26 pm

AnonymousRD hacks State University’s Website

Santo Domingo.- The AnonymousRD hackers network attacked Santo Domingo State University’s (UASD) Website early Tuesday, to support students who’ve held a vigil in the rectory since last week to reject the rising cost of academic services.

On its Twitter account AnonymousRD also said its action is also to demand the president "to return from vacation and face the situation."

Quoted by elcaribe.com.do, UASD president Matthew Aquino went to France last week as part of a tour in Europe which includes several meetings with intellectuals from the continent.

Dozens of UASD students hold a vigil at the Rectory since July 6 to protest an increase on several university services, in some cases of more than 100 percent.

Students from regional campuses have also joined the vigil.

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