Local July 17, 2012 | 11:43 am

“Day without chicken” boycott a success in sprawling barrios

Santo Domingo.- The "day without chicken" boycott was met with success gauging by statements from residents of the Dominican capital’s sprawling barrios Villa Juana, Ensanche la Fe and Cristo Rey, where many homemakers affirm it was high time something was done to halt poultry’s spiraling price.

Support has even been voiced by some retailers who feel the boycott should be extended, especially the wife of a "chickener" who a listin.com.do reporter saw buying eggplants to prepare her family’s lunch.

The outlet quoted various street chicken vendors and butcher shops who complained of few sales, as shoppers have opted to buy other meats and vegetables.

Vendors in Villa Juana and La Fe estimate sales have fallen 60 percent, but as much as 90% in Cristo Rey.

"We’re being popped hard today and instead of chicken what’s being sold is chops," said the butcher Orlando Mateo, whose business is in Villa Juana.

Other neighborhood residents complain that chicken is being sold as high as 55 pesos per pound. "Meat is expensive, it’s going through the roof," said the homemaker Albani Guerra, one of the people who say the boycott should be extended to more than five days.

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