Local July 17, 2012 | 10:36 am

Dominican-born ex NYPD cop to serve 85 years for rape

NEW YORK.- A State Supreme Court judge raised the prison sentence for Dominican-born former NYPD agent Michael Peña to 85 years, convicted for the March 2011rape of a public school teacher in Upper Manhattan.

Peña, 28, was originally sentenced to 75 years with an option to life imprisonment for the sexual assault against the teacher, but the charge of rape couldn’t be proven because despite the victim’s testimony, the jurors failed to reach a consensus.

A second trial slated on the rape charge was discarded when the Deputy Prosecutor Evan Krutoy and Peña’s attorney Peña Efrain Savitt agreed to a 10 year sentence in plea bargaining, and thus averting a second trial.

"This decision in no way reflects the gravity or nature of this serious crime, I approve the agreement for one reason which is to protect the victim by not having to face her tormentor again," said judge Richard Carruthers when reading the sentence against Peña.

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