Local July 17, 2012 | 10:58 am

Sausage makers challenge official to name tainted salami

Santo Domingo.- The North region’s meat processors on Monday challenged the Consumer Protection Agency to name the brands and factories which make salamis with additives, dyes and preservatives which pose a health threat.

The organization’s president Joseph Lopez said the complaints from consumer rights organizations and Agency director Altagracia Paulino are generalized and affect all sectors equally, for which in their view they should be more technical and specific.

"We have an industry that generates 100 million dollars and has all necessary health permits and registrations to operate, to prevent anyone from coming to say that a product is damaged," he said.

The business leader didn’t say whether Paulino’s allegation on tainted sausages is wrong or exaggerated, and instead requested naming the factories which are part of the problem. "We don’t want a controversy with the Agency, what we want is not to be put in the same bag. We are producers, not the government."

The Association headed by Lopez groups 14 members which manufacture salamis, hams, ribs, pork chops and similar products.

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