Local July 18, 2012 | 5:50 pm

Anonymous group says it hacked two major Dominican websites

SANTO DOMINGO. – The group Anonymous-Dominican has taken credit for the outage of the websites of two of the country’s leading newspapers for allegedly favoring the government.

According to an AnonymousDo twitter account, the group demands that newspaper Listin Diario (listin.com.do) admit the Santo Domingo State University’s (UASD) Website was hacked by them yesterday. It doesn’t say why it hacked newspaper El Caribe’s site (ellcaribe.com.do).

Listin’s and El Caribe’s Websites went offline around 2pm and as of 5:30 had yet to come online.

AnonymousDo said it hacked the UASD site Tuesday to support students who protest the authorities’ measure of raising the cost of the credits.

The conflict arose when the university’s administration denied the cyber attack, a version which listindiario.com.do published

The group also threatened denial of service against acento.com.do, an outlet which linked the attacks to the arrest of three of its alleged members two months ago, on charges of hacking several major websites.

On May 20, the group claimed responsibility for the attack on the Websites of the Dominican Telecom Institute, the Central Electoral Board and the Dominican Presidency.

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