Local July 23, 2012 | 9:04 am

Opposition party takes internal row to the Chamber of Deputies

Santo Domingo.- The deputies of the opposition PRD party faction headed by its president Miguel Vargas support the current spokesman in the lower Chamber Rudy Gonzalez to remain in the post for another year their representative, while those who side with former president Mejia prefer the deputy of La Romana, Eugenio Cedeño.

Vargas convened the deputies to meet 9am tomorrow Tuesday in the PRD National Offices, an activity in which deputy Victor Gomez Casanova said Gonzalez will be reelected with the votes of at least 45 deputies whom he affirms have confirmed their support.

However PRD deputy Alberto Atallah said Vargas’ call to the meeting is invalid and affirmed that most of the PRD deputies support Cedeño to become the new opposition spokesman.

The PRD has 79 deputies, four of them Overseas, for which to elect their Speaker must be with the majority of votes of those legislators and at least 40 Members to make quorum.

Atallah argues that it’s the deputies themselves who should make the call to elect a spokesperson in the party office in the Chamber of Deputies, for which in his view most of the PRD lawmakers would ignore Tuesday’s call for the election. "We request to leave next Tuesday’s call to elect without effect and we’re confident theyill not have the majority needed to reach a quorum."

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