Local July 24, 2012 | 1:21 pm

15% of salamis contain fecal coliform, Consumer Agency warns

Santo Domingo.- Consumer Protection Agency (Proconsumidor) director Altagracia Paulino on disclosed a study Tuesday which found 97% of salamis produced in the country lack the required nutrients and contain 51% excess chemicals which she affirms threaten consumers’ health.

She said 15% of the products analyzed contained fecal coliforms, "for which it violates the provisions on Dominican salami, which this agency stipulates its absence in any food, as it poses a serious risk to consumer health."

In press conference, the official said the study showed that 12% of the salamis have high yeast content. "And as for sodium nitrite, it found that 51% of the samples showed results above the limit of 200mg/kg allowed in Health Regulations.

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