Local July 24, 2012 | 12:47 pm

Dominican Republic’s opposition party stokes its row in Congress

SANTO DOMINGO. – Dominican Republic’s opposition party on Tuesday escalated its months-long inner struggle when its two factions held separate elections to choose its spokesperson in the Chamber of Deputies.

The faction headed by PRD president Miguel Vargas tapped Rudy Gonzalez as its representative in the lower Chamber, while the group headed by ex president and presidential candidate Hipolito Mejia chose the deputy Eugenio Cedeño.

Both groups say it was their proceeding which defined which of the two legislators will hold the spokesman’s office in Congress.

Senior PRD leader Hugo Tolentino Dipp, who’s the oldest of the opposition’s deputies, led the meeting in the absence of PRD general secretary Orlando Jorge, who had convened the meeting.

He said Cedeño was selected as their spokesman for the morals and dignity within the PRD in the Chamber of Deputies.

Meanwhile Vargas’ faction chose Ruddy Gonzalez as its spokesman.

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