Local July 24, 2012 | 8:38 am

“Third Way” seeks to quell opposition party’ inner turmoil

Santo Domingo.- A new group in the opposition PRD party called the "Third Way" looks since June to create an understanding between the two heads of the organization’s factions, in the backdrop of parallel meetings slated for today to elect a spokesman in the Chamber of Deputies, pitting current spokesman Rudy Gonzalez, and La Romana deputy Eugenio Cedeno.

The group formed by PRD leaders Jose Leonel Cabrera (Neney), Eligio Jaquez and Peggy Cabral seeks to mediate between ex president Hipólito Mejía and PRD president Miguel Vargas.

Ex PRD vice presidential candidate Luis Abinader yesterday said the commission would work with Monsignor Agripino Nuñez, who has not addressed the issue publicly, but Abinader said the prelate accepted his proposal.

"The PRD has to be prepared to exercise its role as the main opposition party, expect the parliamentary bloc to agree to act as a counterweight to the absolute power exercised by the PLD in the other branches of government," Abinader said.

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