Local July 25, 2012 | 7:21 am

Tainted salami makers face jail, Health chief warns

Santo Domingo.- Public Health minister Bautista Rojas on Tuesday announced he awaits the Consumer Protection Agency’s study revealing that 97% of the salamis doesn’t meet the minimum percentage for protein and 15% contains fecal coliforms.

He said once he receives the study it will be analyzed, and if true, those responsible face sanctions up to and including incarceration."We can close factories and apply vigilance until they meet the standards."

Quoted by eldia.com.do, the official noted however that Consumer Protection must send the report immediately to open an investigation.

Leading brand places distances in flap

The country’s leading meat processing company Induveca yesterday said its products have certified international quality, for which it supports the Agency’s initiatives and the authorities to identify those who don’t comply with health regulations and standards.

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