Local July 26, 2012 | 12:18 pm

Hispaniola journalists meet to focus on cross-border reality

BARAHONA, Dominican Republic.-Haitian and Dominican journalists took part in the workshop "New Perspectives for the Dominican-Haitian reality: more and better journalism" on investigative reporting, migration and inter-cultural affairs.

Hosted by the Pontifical University (PUCMM) and UNESCO for Democracy and Governance, the workshops held in a Barahona hotel counted with funding from the European Union, aimed at improving, expand and widening the coverage and with perceptions of citizens from both sides of the border on migration, culture and Dominican-Haitian human relations based on research and ethics.

The activity featured a review of journalism basics as a profession along updates on working tools and also encouraged the exchange of sources, ideas and knowledge on topics of interest discussed in three simultaneous workshops for radio, TV as well of print and online news.

Among the journalists and facilitators figured Hena Cuevas, Amelia Dechamps, Galia Garcia Palafox, Javier Valdivia, Gabriela Warkentin and Solange de la Cruz Matos.

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