Local July 27, 2012 | 4:20 pm

Fecal salami scandal stuns Fernandez’s Administration

Santo Domingo.- The Minister of Industry and Commerce on Friday became the third senior official to refute the Consumer Protection Agency’s (ProConsumidor) warning that 15% of the salamis processed in the Dominican Republic contain fecal coliform and carcinogenic nitrites in an even higher percentage.

Manuel García’s statement comes one day after president Leonel Fernandez said he supports ProConsumidor director Altagracia Paulino’s warning, which has also drawn rebuke from Public Health minister Bautista Rojas and Standards and Quality Norms (Digenor) director Manuel Guerrero.

He said the salamis produced in the country are top quality, for which ProConsumidor shouldn’t have generalized and focus on those companies that don’t meet standards instead. "I want to reiterate that consumers should continue to eat salami and that the government will remain on guard to preserve that quality."

The official said the salami is a product which has become a national brand and is part of the daily diet of all Dominicans, as an important source of export whose quality has let to gaining markets in Haiti and other Caribbean countries.

"The salami processing plants are plants that have made big investments in technology and quality control as well, so we Dominicans should have confidence in a product that is also the first outlet for the sale of pork and the main support for the hog farming sector."

Garcia, speaking to unveil a medical sterilization company in San Isidro, said however that he "defends" Paulino’s work, adding that her zealous responsibility and values defend the people’s interests.

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