Local July 31, 2012 | 7:57 am

Salami scandal: Industry leader admits use of chicken scraps

SANTO DOMINGO.- While Public Health minister Bautista Rojas on Monday announced further studies on the quality of salami and affirmed that producers have reliable records, hog farmers warn of further scandal which sausage-makers will "regret it for a long time" once the research finds the massive use of the chicken scraps know as MDM, mechanically deboned meat.

In a statement, Rojas said the studies will be conducted this week, and questioned the information disclosed by the Consumer Protection Agency (Pro Customer) "because it’s date in January and doesn’t establish the exact quality of the product."


Jose Alba, president of the powerful Cibao region pork farmers grouped in APORCI yesterday predicted a paralysis in the sale of salami once information surfaces on how it’s being made and in his view that sector will "regret it for a long time."

Alba admitted the use of poultry scraps (MDM) in the preparation of salami for more than 15 years, but justified it by noting that those products are sold at lower prices.

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