Local August 3, 2012 | 10:18 am

Bill assigns RD$450,000 wage for the President; excludes Central Bank

Santo Domingo.- The Senate yesterday approved a version of the bill for the Civil Servant Wage Regulation Law, in which the President will earn RD$450,000 monthly, and would only exclude the Central Bank for two years.

In a transitory provision the initiative by Senate president Reinaldo Pared, and Senate Labor and Pensions Commission chairman Jose M. Sosa instructs the Public Administration Ministry to conduct a study on the salaries in the police and the military, to eliminate distortions in a period not exceeding 10 months.

Pay scale

The gross pay scale for the presidents of the branches of government will be no higher than RD$400,000 for the presidents of the Senate, of the Chamber of Deputies, of the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court.

The Presidents of the Superior Electoral Court and of the Central Electoral Board would have a salary of up to RD $ 375,000.

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