Local August 6, 2012 | 2:11 pm

Canadian miner says no heavy metal pollutants in Dominican nickel reserve

Santo Domingo.- The mining company Xstrata-Falcondo on Monday reiterated that nickel exploitation at Loma Miranda, central La Vega, is economically and environmentally feasible, with no risk of contaminating the region with heavy metals.

Its executives said their 20-year mining project is in a reserve with 19.6 million tons of minerals, of which 1.60% is nickel, noting that Xstrata’s plan to conclude extractions includes funds to reforest the mining area concurrently with operations.

They said reputable international firms and local technicians prepared the Environmental Impact Study, which in their view takes into account the area’s environmental characteristics.

In a press conference at its offices in Gazcue, the Xstrata executives said no evidence of chromium salt, a heavy metal, is present in their current operations in Bonao and La Vega, adding that it isn’t diluted by water as the Academy of Sciences has pointed out.

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