Local August 8, 2012 | 10:27 am

“Mambo” singer sports cropped pate, calls it prison abuse

Santo Domingo.- “Mambo” music singer Antonio Peter de la Rosa, Omega, said it was an abuse that his locks were cut without his consent at San Pedro Prison, and affirmed that from now on he’ll have to wear a wig to keep working in a film he’s taking part in.

In his appearance before the National District Court of Appeals where he seeks his release on bond, attributed the action as an alleged plan to harm him.

Omega, accused of aggravated battery, said he had never harmed the dancer Yuny Lopez, who charged him of gender violence in the Office of the National District Prosecutor.

He said his incarceration has caused him much harm, because it has lost at least six contracts to play in different night clubs.

The Appelate Court judges ruled to keep de la Rosa in prison for three months to await trial.

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