Local August 13, 2012 | 6:48 am

President continues inaugurations spree

Santo Domingo.- With three days togo before handing over power, president Leonel Fernández toured the north western borderprovinces of Dajabón and Montecristi to open a training school for theSpecialized Frontier Security Corps (CESFRONT), a club, a sports stadium, and ahousing project.

The total cost of these projectscomes to RD$423 million, said the President’s Office.

The head of state exalted theimportance of the club as well as the fact that the baseball field was named after Dominican baseball legend JuanMarichal.

The first project, the CESFRONTtraining academy, cost over RD$100 million to build and will contribute totackling illegal immigration, weapons and drugs trafficking and terrorism.

In a speech, General Santo DomingoGuerrero Clase said that the military complex has three classrooms, a medicaldispensary, offices, hangars for specialized equipment, a monitoring center,two cafeterias and a library.

Presidente Fernández then traveledon to Dajabón, where he formally opened a cultural club “El EnsueñoDajabonero”, built by the State Projects Engineers Supervisory Office at a costof RD$53 million.

Dajabón governor Esther Ramírez saidthat it was the most modern cultural center in the region and that it would “encouragethe younger generations to learn about culture”.

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