Local August 15, 2012 | 7:45 am

Anti-corruption office delivers report

Santo Domingo.- The director of theDepartment for the Prevention of Administrative Corruption (DPCA), HotonielBonilla, says that his office had received 254 reports between 2004 and 2012 , and that 47 of these cases have been sent to justice.

Presenting a report on the work of his department during this period, Bonilla defended the fight againstcorruption and the results of his management at the DPCA.

He said that when he took office therewere 121 reports and that 263 cases had been filed.

Reasons for filing include that thefacts investigated did not constitute a penal action, there was no prejudice tostate interest, or that the facts investigated were discovered during a previousprocess.

The cases mentioned in his reportinclude Plan Renove, the greenhouse affair, and the case against formerprosecutor Víctor Céspedes Martínez, at a cost of RD$5 million. He also mentioned the processes involvingthe Dominican Air Force turbines, the CDEEE, the use of funds from sovereignbonds and the RD$14M fraud case involving the purchase of onions by the Ministryof Agriculture.

Some of the cases were dismissed,others discharged on all counts.

The Plan Renove case ended in definitivejail sentences, but some of those involved were pardoned by president LeonelFernández.

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