Local August 16, 2012 | 3:49 pm

Danilo Medina announces his Cabinet

Santo Domingo.- Following his swearing-in aspresident this morning, DaniloMedina announced the names of the members of his new government team, appointed by meansof decree 414-12.

SigfridoPared Pérez, Armed Forces Minister

GustavoMontalvo, Presidency Minister

JoséRamón Fadul, Minister of Interior and Police

CarlosMorales Troncoso, Foreign Relations Minister

SimónLizardo Mezquita, Minister of Hacienda

Josédel Castillo Saviñón, Minister of Industry and Commerce

GonzaloCastillo, Public Works Minister

JosefinaPimentel, Minister of Education

MaritzaHernández, Minister of Labor

LuisRamón Rodríguez, Minister of Agriculture

FreddyHidalgo, Minister of Public Health

Jaime David FernándezMirabal, Minister of Sport

JoséAntonio Rodríguez, Minister of Culture

FranciscoJavier García, Minister of Tourism

AlejandrinaGermán, Minister of Women

JorgeMinaya, Minister of Youth

BautistaRojas Gómez, Minister of Environment

Ligia Amada Melo, Higher Education,Science and Technology (Meescyt)

Juan Temístocles Montás, Minister of Economy, Planning and Development

Ventura Camejo, Minister PublicAdministration

Francisco Domínguez Brito, Minister ofJustice

César Pina Toribio, Presidential LegalAdvisor

Franklin Almeyda, Minister without portfolio for citizen safety programs

Antonio Isa Conde, Minister withoutportfolio

Miguel Mejía, Minister without portfoliofor regional integration affairs

Haivanjoe NG Cortiñas, Controller General

José Ramón Peralta, PresidencyAdministrative Minister

By means of decree 456-12, presidentDanilo Medina confirmed Major General José Armando Polanco Gómez as chief ofthe National Police and General Victor Campusano as his deputy.

The officials were immediately sworn in ata ceremony in the Ambassadors’ Hall in the National Palace.

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