Local August 20, 2012 | 7:56 am

Police chaplain shows how to tell if your phone is tapped

Santo Domingo.- Police chaplain Angel Perez Barroso yesterday revealed a way to determine if a phone is being tapped, by dialing the asterisk (*) followed by # 06 #.

The revelation of the priest, who officiates Sunday Mass at National Police headquarters, caused laughter at first, but was taken seriously by all senior police officers present in the mass, even Police chief Jose Polanco himself.

The priest then asked those present to try the test to see if what he was saying was true.

And that’s when, to everyone’s surprise, they confirmed that what Perez was telling them was something that many police were unaware of, and that it was anything but a joke.

According to e prelate, when you use the code dots appear indicating the number of times a call has been heard by a stranger.

The priest however said the police didn’t tap phones.

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