Local August 23, 2012 | 9:28 am

Medina shoves predecessor’s close generals aside

Santo Domingo. – The power held by the two generals close to ex president Leonel Fernandez is a thing of the past, after a considerable number of those senior officers and colonels who were part of his inner circle were left without functions in the various military branches.

The changes by president Danilo Medina have morphed major generals Belisario Medina and Ramon Aquino from two of the most influential commanders in military decisions to the anonymity of silence.

The machinery attributed to the two senior officers has come to a full halt, and will likely pave the way for a new generation of officers in the various branches.

Medina signalled his intent to shake up the military with his first decree, which named admiral Sigfrido Pared Minister of the Armed Forces.

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