Local August 30, 2012 | 7:41 am

Dominican military “calls” its dispersed members for a headcount

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s military branches yesterday “called” on its members to report to their respective commands, after President Danilo Medina stated his concern with the lack of control as to their whereabouts.

Armed Forces minister Sigfrido Pared said Medina is concerned about the number of police and soldiers serving private individuals, instead of performing their duties.

Citing a military source, elcaribe.com.do reports that since early this week thousands of military officers, noncommissioned officers and enlistees were ordered to report to barracks, where their commanders held roll call and then sent them to the units to which they’re assigned.

The source said they were ordered to report to a military base early where he was ordered into formation for a regulatory roll call.

However Armed Forces spokesman Rafael Acosta said he hadn’t seen anything unusual. "I imagine that must be institutional, for control reasons. Whenever there’s a change of command we’re always subjected to that, to check, to take control of their staff. This is normal."

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