Local August 31, 2012 | 8:26 am

Another official in frenzy to sign contracts during transition

SANTO DOMINGO.- Just while Dominicans were minding the presidential transition process , ex canals and dams agency (Indrhi) director Frank Rodriguez was preparing to sign contracts worth millions, reports diariolibre.com.

It said at least two of them with the same person, Angel Rondon Rijo, whose actions in the country has been questioned, and have been even brought to trial.

Right on 9 July the head Indrhi signed a contract with Consultoress & Contratistas (Conamsa), represented by Rondón, worth more than RD$61.0 million, for a canal at the Camu River, La Vega, and the construction of retaining walls at Montellano, Puerto Plata, in the areas of El Tamarindo, La Policia, Ls Mangos, Los Perez and Buen Pan

The outlets reports that as part of the agreement the agency had to advance amount of 12 percent of the contract value of RD$61.3 million, or RD$12.2 million. Under the agreement, Conamsa was to conclude the work within 12 months.

Just nine days after signing that agreement, the Indrhi signed another contract with the same company and its representative, this time for RD$19.5 million.

The works were a retaining wall at the Maimon riverbank, in Laguna Nisibón and the repairs to the dike La Mina de Oro, in the same area. Of the total amount, RD$16.8 million would be for the construction of the wall and the other RD$2.7 million was for work on the dam.

The rush to sign contracts during the transition period at the State-owned power companies CDEEE, was also denounced by the local media.

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