Local September 3, 2012 | 10:40 am

Costly lawmakers are the first scofflaws

Santo Domingo.- In addition to taxpayers footing the high cost of each of the more than 180 deputies, the lawmakers scoff at disclosing what they use the money for, in a clear violation of the Constitution.

Of the 183 deputies who should’ve submitted their financial and administrative statement for the 2011-2012 legislative period, only 10 have done so to date.

News outlet Hoy reports that as of August 31, only Juan Julio Campos (PLD-La Altagracia), Roberto Perez Lebron (PLD-San Juan), Cristian Paredes (recently resigned from the PRD-Sanchez Ramirez) and Lower Chamber president Abel Martinez (PLD-Santiago) had complied with the mandate

Among those which also complied figure Adalgisa Fatima Pujols (PLD-Santo Domingo), Luis Rafaell Sanchez (PRD-Santo Domingo), Manuel de Jesus Jimenez (PLD-Santo Domingo), René Vidal Polanco (PLD-Santo Domingo) and Johanny Guzman (PLD-Valverde ).

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