Local September 3, 2012 | 8:47 am

Dominican President fires 100 deputy ministers so far

Santo Domingo.- With one stroke of a pen president Danilo Medina slashed the number of deputy ministers by more than 100 so far, appointing by decree only six deputy ministers in each of nine departments

According to media estimates and as some ministers have acknowleged, more than 300 deputy ministers had been designated in 20 ministries, but if the cap of six deputy ministers is applied, Medina would appoint only 126.

For government spokesman Roberto Rodriguez, the measure is an institutional transformation which the public perhaps has yet to notice.

When asked about the criticism on the recent government appointments,Rodriguez asked journalists to reflect on Medina’s appointments,since he has set a cap of six deputy ministers in each ministry.

He said the President has established specific roles for each deputy, a decision which in his view has repealed previous parameters.

The measures means a "stabilizes government bureaucracy" and sends a message to the public that only indispensable officials will be appointed.

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