Local September 4, 2012 | 10:39 am

Ex president finally admits opposition party’s chasm

Santo Domingo.- Ex president and ex opposition PRD party candidate Hipolito Mejia on Monday admitted a division in the organization,just hours after one of its deputies announced his resignation from the organization, “tired of the years of internal strife.”

Mejía said he will head the challenge against PRD president Miguel Vargas at the party’s convention with his own candidates for president, and other top posts. "I’ll support a candidate to defeat Miguel. Miguel can’t represent the PRD or represent us, we’ll support a candidate, but they’ll have to go out to the streets."

"In this I am the godfather," the former chief executive said, adding that the resignation from the PRD pary announced Monday by deputy Ruddy Gonzalez has to be recognized as part of there’s split.

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