Local September 10, 2012 | 3:14 pm

Betting parlor owners go with the flow of power, Lottery chief

Santo Domingo.- National Lottery director José Francisco Peña Tavares said while 90% of owners of betting parlor owners worked against Danilo Medina’s presidential candidacy, most of them now pressure him for fenefits.

He said most of them supported opposition PRD party Hipolito Mejia’s presidential candidacy, but now some even show a change of sympathies.

Peña said some betting parlor owners have tried to "jump over" and voice support for the Government after having notified for certain violations committed against the lottery system nationwide.

Interviewed by the journalist Salvador Holguin, the official said some betting parlor owners break the rules and regulations for those operations, for which the National Lottery has to enforce the law.

He said a law is needed which criminalizes illegal betting parlors and games of chance.

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