Local September 11, 2012 | 7:41 am

Opposition party intrigue boosts Dominican Government

SANTO DOMINGO.- The internal rift affecting Dominican Repubilc’s main opposition party (PRD) on which a short-term solution has yet to surface, leaves president Danilo Medina’s Administration with an "open court" to govern without a robust opposition.

Once the top opposition the PRD has become an organization of intrigue where each group looks out for their own interests and focuses more on internal shows-of-force than observing government actions.

The differences pit PRD president Miguel Vargas against former president Hipolito Mejia, who accuse each other of splitting the political organizations with their actions.

This situation has placed the mediation process headed by a group of senior PRD leaders in a stalemante, after a first attempt by party general secretary Orlando Jorge failed to sway Vargas.

The PRD mess has reached Congress where each a group has its own block of lawmakers in the Chamber of Deputies. Vargas’s group has Ruddy Gonzalez as their spokesperson, while Mejia’s opted for Eugenio Cedeño to set their positions at the lower Chamber legislature.

Meanwhile several PRD leaders have set their sites on the arena to take over top internal posts, including Emmanuel Esquea, Rafael Suberví, Eligio Jaquez and Tony Peña Guaba.

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