Local September 13, 2012 | 12:42 pm

As public hospitals agonize, Health chief “finds” RD$1.0B debt

SANTO DOMINGO.- The recent cash crunch which has delayed disbursements to the public hospitals is likely from the RD$1.0 billion debt which Health minister Freddy Hidalgo on Thursday said he “found” with various suppliers.

He said he’ll meet with Finance minister Simon Lizardo today to find a solution to that lack of funds allocated to the health centers on a normal basis.

Hidalgo revealed the figure after a meeting with Dominican Medical Association (CMD) president Amarilis Herrera, and pledged to seek a solution to the lack of supplies and overcrowding in public hospitals, as reported by the doctors.

"We must tighten our belts," the health minister said of the debt, and affirmed that his department has already taken austerity measures such as restricting fuel consumption and cutting telephone fees by 20%.

Hidalgo also announced a meeting with his deputy health ministers next week to define their functions and with regional and hospitals directors afterwards.

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