Local September 13, 2012 | 12:22 pm

Mucho trouble ahead for Medina, 52% DT readers say

Santo Domingo.- More than half of DT readers see nothing but trouble ahead for president Danilo Medina and his administration, and blame the previous chief executive Leonel Fernandez of leaving a host of woes for his colleague of the ruling PLD party

When asked “What did the ex President leave for Medina?,” 1,950 readers (51.94%) said “A host of calamities,” followed by “The usual problems, nothing critical ,” with 610 votes, or 16.25%.

Close behind were the responses “A fairly vigorous economy,” and “Too early to tell,” both with 597 votes, or 15.90%, of the readers who took part in the weekly, non-scientific poll.

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