Local September 14, 2012 | 8:58 am

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Academy of Sciences joins Xstrata mine’s opponents

Santo Domingo.- The Academy of Sciences yesterday said to allow open pit mining at Loma Miranda by the company Xstrata Falcondo Nickel is folly and inconherent.

It said that action would be a repeat of the devastation that company caused at its previous four sites, Loma Peguera, El Verde, Ortega and Ponton.

It said its importance deems its designation of National Park to preserve its potential to generate more environmental services and greater wealth for the country.

In a statement, the Academy called Loma Miranda a treasure of natural resources, biodiversity, water production, scenic value and recreational potential.

"Loma Miranda is a mine of water whose benefits are reflected in farm production of La Vega Valley and water supply to La Vega, Monsignor Noel, Sanchez Ramirez, Duarte and Hermanas Mirabal provinces, where more than 20 towns require this vital liquid for their daily survival."


"Forty years is long enough to observe the behavior and breaches of a company, which as can be seen, set aside just a small portion of the profits generated by the beneficiary of nickel and associated metals, to remedy the impacts," the Academy of Sciences said.


Several organizations confirmed a march to the National Palace on Sunday to protest Xstrata’s proposed mining at Loma Miranda.

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