Local September 14, 2012 | 8:33 am

Attorney confirms plot of popular trials against ex president

Santiago.- Prominent Santiago attorney Ramon Antonio (Negro) Veras yesterday confirmed the reports that a personality approached him to propose he form part of a band of hecklers and stage “popular trials” against former president Leonel Fernandez, but that he flatly refused.

"I told him that I wasn’t the right person because I had a sense of gratitude for the consequential Leonel had from the Government in the case of my son Jordi," Veras said in reference to the shooting which severly injured and nearly killed his son.

The prominent lawyer and columnist said anyone who wants action against Fernandez can do so as they see fit, but not to count on him.

In that regard, Veras noted that he and his family are grateful to the former president. He said he’s not “two-faced” because the two have established a friendship.

Newspaper Listin Diario yesterday reported that prominent personalities in various cities had been recently contacted by leaders of various opposition groups to form part of the so-called "popular trials" against Fernandez.

Quoting sources close to the movement, the daily said influential personalities were creating committees in the provinces to spearhead a "minitribunal" to promote " popular trials"against alleged unlawful actions or corruption in the previous administration.

The strategy, Listin reports, is to organize groups of agitators to heckle Fernández at public events, once the "trials" start in the towns.

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