Local September 18, 2012 | 10:06 am

Time’s come to halt political-business deals that hurt the people, Senator

Santo Domingo.- Senator Euclides Sanchez said Monday that the 35 tax exemption laws already total RD$118.0 billion result from electoral deals forged by the business and political classes, "which have done nothing more than increased injustice and social inequality."

The ruling PLD party of lawmaker for La Vega province said he wants to eliminate those breaks and urged the various sectors to demand reasonable profits from the business class, to give the people the education, health and the dignity they deserve.

In every election, "the business class buys politicians by funding the party that has the greatest chance of success and from there manipulate the government that emerges in an attempt to defend their interests."

He said he’s confident that with president Danilo Medina the time has come to break away from those traditional deals between business and politicians, which in his view jeopardize the people.


Sanchez said the political class now has a great opportunity to refocus, because Medina has signalled the need for those changes.

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