Local September 21, 2012 | 3:07 pm

The Army “recovers” 800 “dog bather” soldiers

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Army Chief of Staff on Friday said more than 800 soldiers who were at the service of individuals were reassigned to the border and they expect to “recover” another 3,000 who’re in that situation.

Major general Ruben Paulino Sems said the soldiers will be retrained starting October 1, and the Army will continue to deploy soldiers at the border in groups of 30.

"We’ve recovered 800 so far and some soldiers, junior and senior officers, and enlisted as well of an estimated 3,500 that we will recover. Not everyone will go to the border because we’re reinforcing the other camps and others which have their weaknesses," the senior officer said.

Paulino, who announced the new border region Security Task Force, noted that the Army has other duties such as the custody of prisons. "We have 14 prisons scattered throughout the country and we need to strengthen their security."

Dog bathers and shopping cart pushers

A former police chief popularized the terms “dog bathers” and “shopping cart pushers” when he announced a similar measure to “recover” agents who despite getting a paycheck worked for individuals, doing everything from picking up kids at schools to bathing dogs and pushing shopping carts for the wives and lovers of wealthy individuals.

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