Local September 21, 2012 | 9:25 am

Top prosecutor tells DAs to get tough on land thieves

Santo Domingo.- The Justice Minister yesterday instructed prosecutors to act immediately in cases of violation of property, to evict trespassers and land squatters.

Francisco Dominguez said the measure seeks to respect the rights of those who’ve worked all their lives to get a good nest egg for their family and the country.

He reminded prosecutors that organized gangs are behind such actions, for which they should feel the full weight of the law, noting that "the lack of a penalty spurs invasion."

In his instructions to proscutors, the official said in lawsuits over property rights, the principle "is to maintain the status quo or current state until a court rules or states so otherwise."

Dominguez said prosecutors, through inaction, can not contribute to the land theft by those who claim some kind of rights after the fact.

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